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Game Programmer and Designer

Currently working on a soon-to-be announced project at PlayStation.

I'm Zack, Game Programmer, Game Designer, Game Player.

In gathering my experience in Unity and Unreal, I've proven I can quickly decipher new codebases and learn new engines. I've pushed myself to learn as much as I can in all realms of Game Programming from Player State Machines and UI work to AI and PCG, culminating in numerous accolades and awards during my final year at UC Santa Cruz. While my main strengths lie in my code, I'm open to every aspect of the game making process, be it texture design, foley work, animation or whatever is thrown at me. If I'm not currently working on a game, you'll find me cooking in a kitchen, lifting in a gym, winning a fighting game tournament, or catching up with friends.

I'd love to hear from you any time at

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