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Personal Project

March 2018


LaZer Trouble is an 80's Arcade Style Space Shooter with a twist: Instead of avoiding asteroids, you must watch out for your own lasers as they bounce off the walls around you! As increasingly difficult types of turrets try to take you down, use power ups to advantage and see how long you can survive. This was a game I made over the course of about 2 weeks for a class in early 2018. It became a bit of a passion project, resulting in a game that's hard to master, but a blast once you have.

Notable Aspects

  • Attention to polish based on given time frame and skill set at the time

  • Attention to details for gameplay (hitboxes, speed, visual cues, etc.)

  • Game concept and design is all completely original 

  • Four unique power ups (Slow-Mo, Flower-Up, Diamond, 1-Up)


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