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Sound Designer

&Game Designer

August 2019 - Present


Gooey Castle is a couch co-op game where players of three types work together to defend their castle and their queen from an onslaught of enemy slimes, but there's a catch.  In this co-op game, only one player may play at a time. This bulk of this game was initially created in 48 hours as part of a game jam. Since then, some work has gone into polishing it up for a soon-to-be-submitted steam release.

Primary Contributions

  • Foley work to capture all sounds

  • Used Reaper to make finished effects

  • Implementated and balanced sounds

  • Created Job System, Health System, Stations and in game currency.

  • Created Meteor Showers and Fire

  • Optimized wall code, player code, game mode code, etc.

  • Tetris-style randomizer component

  • General debug work

  • Played crucial role in design discussions, keeping game in scope in an aim to be simple but fun.

  • Made many of the design decisions

  • Tweaked game based on playtests

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