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November 2018 - Present



Robits is an educational programming game centered around creating robot AI to solve a series of combat challenges. It boasts a visual programming system that allows players to design their own programs while picking up on elementary programming concepts like control flow.​ I acted as the Second-In-Command Programmer on this project, spending most of my time creating underlying systems, polishing the code, and working directly with other programmers to speed up their workflow.

Primary Contributions

  • Overhaul of Visual Programming System(mostly in the back-end)

  • Modular Tutorial System

  • Nearly every tutorial step

  • Player State Machine

  • Multiple Camera Systems

  • User Interface Programming

  • Wall Fade mechanic

  • Numerous in game code pieces including IF, isClose, lowHealth, etc 

  • Overhauled multiple robot parts

  • Quality of life additions to programming system/UI

  • Tutored other programmers

  • Profiling and optimizations

  • Debugged any and all code

  • Wrote in game dialogue

  • Personally coordinated with VA and Concept Artist

  • Vending Machine Easter Egg

  • And more

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