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November 2018 - August 2019



In Wacktory™, a single player in VR acts as the foreman of a wacky factory, and traditional controller players act as robots on the factory floor. Players of two types must work together beat the clock and create the most advanced product ever seen—The Cube! In the development of Wacktory, I contributed heavily to every design discussion, helped other programmers out on a regular basis, and stepped up to the plate to perform by far the most programming tasks in the second half of development.

Primary Contributions

  • Couch Player Finite State Machine​, animation implementation, and overall functionality

  • Machine Breaking System

  • Projectile projection line renderer

  • Rework of smasher implementation and creation of crack textures

  • My own controller system in Unity

  • Level select conveyor movement

  • Numerous in game machines, including the boxing machine, death tracker, and crate spawner

  • Numerous VFX

  • Profiled and optimized massive portions of the code base

  • Debugged any and all code

  • Designed levels and color schemes

  • Began development on level 2

  • Personally pioneered many of the large design decisions and pivots

  • Creation of in editor developer tools

  • Multiple camera implementations

  • Wrote in game dialogue and promotional material

  • Personally coordinated with VA

  • UI work and texture creation

  • And much more

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